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Our mastery of infrastructure and architecture ensures scalable, reliable solutions built for long-term success. Experience seamless performance with a rock-solid foundation tailored to your unique needs.
import { useState } from 'react'
import { Switch } from '@headlessui/react'

  function MakeTheLeap() {
      const [enabled, setEnabled] = useState(true)

      return (
        <form action="/power-up" method="post">
          <Switch checked={enabled} onChange={setEnabled} name="notifications">
            {/* Experience the Maximus difference! */}

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“Maximus have helped us design and build our Shopify site (Cannings Butchers). They have made some very classy customisations on top of our chosen theme. When certain functionality wasn't possible with pre-existing apps, they were able to BUILD the apps and functionality we required. There's pretty much nothing they can't do - hence why I call Grant, their Founder, Gman2000. Highly recommend.”

Sam Canning
CEO of Cannings Free Range Butchers