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Maximus Agency | Perth-based web development services


We blend cutting-edge development and design to create online solutions that get people talking.

In touch with small business and able to provide solutions for corporate enterprise, Maximus has worked with the entire spectrum in providing solutions that facilitate and expedite daily process and stand the test of time. We build for both style and high-level functionality, offering maintenance and digital marketing to ensure you’re sailing smoothly into your digital future.

Web Development

We have helped people modernise outdated websites and we have helped businesses build intranets that support their staff. We provide consultation and experience that can assist you in the ever changing digital landscape so that your business isn’t left behind.

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Mobile Apps

Veterans in the app building space, we provide a financially viable option for business in facilitating hybrid built app technology. Whether you need an app that talks to your existing website or an app to tie into a loyalty scheme for your customers, Maximus are leaders in Perth app development.

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eCommerce is our jam. Big, small, hundreds of products, or just that single crowd-sourced show-stopper. We currently support several 7-figure income national multi-location ecommerce stores. With that said, we also enjoy providing consultation and quality service to local and homegrown online shops.

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The frosting on the carrot cake, the jam in the donut, every application requires some added perks.

Maximus prides itself on being a one-stop shop for all business requirements and supplements. When you do business with us, you won’t need to spread yourself thin; we will make the online growth of your business a convenience.


We don’t simply do logo design. We help you understand your own brand direction with a consultation and strategic conversation so that we can assist you in leading us to the perfect representation of who you are and who you wish to be.


Whether it’s traditional marketing or digital marketing, we can assist in a strategic game plan and execution, whether it is a single strike or a communication stream. Marketing often requires investment, but if it is handled with precision the impact can be rewarding.


We have built intranets and quote generating apps, portals that allow businesses to completely change from paper to online workflows. Systems are tailor made, created to fit around your business. We build documented and with the test of time in mind.


Maximus provides a locally managed hosting solution for Australian business. We guarantee 99.9% uptime and provide industry grade server security for even the smallest of businesses. Basic packages start at an affordable $10 per month, backed up.


We’ll optimise your profits and your time by streamlining and automating your business with our business acumen and technical wizardry.

Feel fully supported with our highly responsive support services. Maintain uptime, security and avoid issues such as content or data errors. By fully leveraging digital technologies and marketing, we help deliver a better experience for your customers.

Maintenance Retainers

Businesses evolve as society evolves and requirements unfurl over time. You may not have a finite completion point for a particular project or a business avenue and may require a development partner on-hand to assist with its growth and its ability to adapt. That’s where we come in.

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Marketing Retainers

We deal with marketing directors that are often caught up with the daily interactions required in facilitating their own digital direction. Maximus can partner with you by providing on-demand support and consultation on a monthly retainer starting from as little as an hour per month.

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Custom Plugins

Custom plugins that can be added into new or existing WordPress websites and Shopify stores to extend their capabilities. Plugins are a great way to turbo charge your digital experience with the latest trends in user experience and engagement without overhauling what already exists or to save costs. Get a quote.

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