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Fitjot Fitness App

  • Date: July, 2018

  • Skills: Ionic Framework, Cordova, Phone Gap, Lumen

  • Client: Maximus


01. Intro

How it all began

This one is a bit different - it's a labor of love, born out of the passions we both share at Maximus - fitness and technology! Yes, we know, there's a hundred fitness apps out there - but there's a hundred of everything out there, and what makes an idea different is the amount of care you pour into it and much care has gone into the design and the user experience of FitJot - because we ourselves have used it day to day as we've worked on it, being our very own user journey testers!


Social Media Promotion
User Experience
Branding & Design
Facebook Shop Integration

02. The Brief

So what is it?

Well, on the market currently there are many step counters and sets and reps recorders and most fitness apps are tied to some piece of wearable tech or something similar - we have taken the whiteboard on the fridge approach to our app, putting the control back into your hands - allowing you to record and track your own progress; time, calories and distance.

03. The Outcome

Final results

So what makes it different?

Well, we've tied a social aspect into your tracking, you can now be on the coach resigned to potato crisps when an alert comes through "Grant just burned 300 calories, he's now in the lead!" what better motivation is there, than neighbourly competition!

What makes Maximus most proud?

FitJot is our first app, our flagship app, and having pursued app development; faced the hurdles and the warding overflow of choice in frameworks and methodologies, we did it.

Where can I get it?

FitJot will be available on both the Android and iOS markets shortly, we are in our final phases of testing and UX proofing before the market lodgement will commence.