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Design Development

Easing Workflow with Connect

  • Date: March, 2017

  • Skills: JQuery, Sass

  • Client: LK Group


01. Intro

How it all began

When it comes to system development, most are born out of necessity. The story of Connect is simply that, it was necessary that the LK Group had a digitised solution to handle their design and marketing briefing process that allowed for overall company transparency.


Social Media Promotion
User Experience
Branding & Design
Facebook Shop Integration

02. The Brief

So what is it?

Connect is now a proprietary solution owned by the LK Group that is essentially an intranet. It allows marketing managers from both internal and external partners to create company briefs that pass through specified rungs of management before coming into contact with the design and development staff accordingly.


03. The Outcome

Final results

What did it achieve?

Connect nearly doubled productivity in its first year of use - it allowed the business to take on more external partners at a conference connectivity level. It kept workflow to an automated but controlled standard where creative staff could "kick-off" on projects that were ready for someone to claim responsibility over them.

What makes Maximus most proud?

Making a meaningful difference in people's daily life, removing certain stresses of carting around paperwork and allowing for statistics to be garnered from an implementation is what we're all about.