Delighting kids and adults alike with innovative lace replacements

Maximus was selected to showcase the latest offerings for Shoeps’ Australian division by launching their online store. Shopify was chosen as the ideal platform particularly due to its seamless integration with social platforms Instagram and Facebook, where Shoeps was keen to sell and interact with their target demographic.

Strategy and Design

Through the playful use of Shoeps’ laced shoes to swipe left and right, we were able to breathe life and interactivity into the products and use unique methods to allow users to test and try the look of many different colours. This coupled with How To videos and interactive lookbooks paved the way for Shoeps to advance into online sales.

Clean lines and a solid focus on the product’s adaptability and use case scenarios were at the forefront of this eCommerce project. Maximus was able to expand upon the brand’s style guide and overall look and feel to ensure Shoeps Australia had the best foundation to expand and continue their brand message solidly into all social platforms.

The end result was a fresh, competitive edge to the market that we were thrilled to establish on behalf of Shoeps Australia and its excellent team behind the scenes.

*Shoeps Australia is owned and operated by Premium Brands.