Pure & Precious

A single product show-stopper and detailed showcase

Minimani Australia selected Maximus to showcase their product in glorious detail, and we were happy to oblige with it being such an honest, genuine and well-received product to the market prior to their website’s launch.

Taking Minimani’s brand essence into account, we created a bespoke look and feel to their new website and were careful to incorporate as many visual references to the product itself that we could. This also included integrated videos, in-depth product reviews and integration with their well-received social feeds to merge everything about the product into one website. The result was a beautiful eCommerce experience.

Strategy and Design

Once we had delved into everything there was to know about the product, we imported all reviews into the new site, integrated their Shopify storefront with their CRM backend for warehouse stock control, and integrated AfterPay and ZipPay as additional payment gateways. We ensured video walkthroughs of the product in-use were visible throughout the site as we understood it would be the key selling point to a product made available online only.

This Shopify build resulted in a beautifully branded eCommerce experience that was highly automated in its integrations with the client’s warehouse, and gave the product a huge new lease of life in sales volume. Great success!

*Minimani Australia is owned and operated by Premium Brands.