If your goals don't scare you, they aren't big enough

Whenever an agency takes on an app development process there’s always an intensive amount of factors to consider, to scope out and to put into planning. The journey with HomeBaked posed many intricate challenges in its proposition of simplicity; bringing baking connectivity to communities.

Have you ever daydreamed about your grandmother’s mince and jam pies? Or the elusive cherry pie that you had on New Years’ in 2016 that you just never seem to find at the local supermarket in amongst the plethora of apple pies? That’s because home baked goods just sometimes cannot be beaten.

Strategy and Design

Once we had mapped out a blueprint of frameworks, storage solutions, live database interfaces and APIs to utilise, having taken into consideration extraneous security and versatility factors we were able to embark on the joyful journey of design and user experience.

Built using Stripe’s brand new Connect platform, a premium multi-vendor software service to assure HomeBaked’s security and stability. Furthermore HomeBaked utilises the leading edge of Google’s Firebase for realtime interaction.

Mobile Experience

At Maximus Agency we lean on over a decade’s web experience to build hybrid apps, a new method where web code is compiled into native iOS and Android code. This method allows us to build world class applications at a fraction of the cost that conventional app developers used to charge people and with a much smaller team.

In a post COVID-19 world, we hope that this project will assist the healing process of trusting one another and being open to community based interaction.

Launching its beta May 31st, 2020, join HomeBaked and maybe you can earn a few dollars on a brand new hobby!