Franklin Direct


When innovation, flexibility and experience aligns.

Franklin Direct is an innovative and flexible management company that works closely with its customers to supply quality print, packaging and customised products whilst specialising in book production and offshore product sourcing.

When you have extensive external requirements and contracts in the realm of print management you need quality internal structures to administer the flow and process of your daily tasks. Franklin Direct engaged Maximus Agency in early 2018 to take care of their intranet and build bespoke private applications to supplement their business activities to increase productivity.

Strategy and Design

We cannot divulge the inner workings of private custom applications suffice to say that Maximus’ work for Franklin Direct required an assistance in the flow from lead, concept and design through to the quotation and production stages of the print business lifecycle.

By building business specific software, Maximus can assist any business in optimising their current flow of work and allow them to be the best they can be without the headaches of having third party software that doesn’t quite fit.

Franklin Direct are a leading print company in Tasmania and their personable approach has led to their involvement with great brands including those aligned with charity and care work. Maximus prides itself on assisting businesses that make a difference in the world.

If your business requires a custom built intranet or has a custom built intranet that you have outgrown please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us and we can consult and come up with a plan to assist you into the next stage of your internal growth.