Due Jolly

Oh, that smell

Blessed to be able to help an exceptional WA winery

Due Jolly (Italian for ‘two jokers’) commenced with humble beginnings in 2006 in a building formerly used for fruit packing. After six years focusing on producing small batch vintages and converting a storage room, the cellar door opened to the public.

After more than 13 years in Pickering Brook, co-owner and winemaker Rob Puglisi decided to hang his hat up from Due Jolly Winery, closing its cellar door from 19 January, 2020. We happened to pop into the winery one of the last times just long enough to exchange a card over a swirl of red.

“I’ve been fermenting since high school. 20 years ago I started with some surplus grapes from a friend’s vineyard and a wine making textbook.” said Rob.

Strategy and Design

As is often the case with retiring, spending money is no longer life’s main objective – so we had to assist Due Jolly in the most economical manner. Helping Rob keep his existing website (with a few housekeeping adjustments) we were able to simply add “buy buttons” to Rob’s site.

Within a couple of weeks of indexing Rob began selling again, albeit from the glow of retirement.

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