Cannings Butchers


Who doesn't love a good butchers? What about a great butchers?

Cannings Butchers are the quintessential meat purveyor of some of Melbourne’s most prominent and affluent areas. Get to know your local butcher Sam Canning, a dedicated and innovative businessman with a wealth of experience in the proper treatment of animals as well as the art of selling fresh, local produce and making a community driven difference.

Maximus was engaged to breathe new life into the online counterpart of the 8 physical stores. We pride ourselves on creating an accessible e-commerce experience, stepping aside to let the products take centre stage.

Cannings Butchers Online is a robust, staff-friendly and customer-friendly digital experience that makes purchasing, delivering and picking up produce efficient and mouth-watering.

Strategy and Design

Having upgraded from WordPress to Shopify we dealt with all of the challenges of migration. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, we migrated historical data and customer information and coached the staff at Cannings on the use of the new platform.

Simultaneously we set up a separate website to provide a deposit oriented Christmas ordering system that deftly sorted through order date reservations to ensure a fair and concise internal process.

We now work closely with the ideas team at Cannings Butchers to make sure that the online store is at all times staying forward-footed with trends and goals.

We were elated to assist Cannings in adding a systemised contribution to Buy a Bail to support Australian farmers leaning on tough times for priority incentives to customers. Being involved in objectives that are noble remind us why we got into business to begin with. Cannings are also known for their ongoing donations to amazing charities such as Animals Australia, Humane Society, RSPCA and the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

Surround yourself with people who make you better. In Cannings Butchers we have a customer who brings smiles to their customer’s faces, so we’re glad to help.