Solar Solutions

Solar LEDs and Lighting Technology for Western Australia

Ausleder’s inception into Western Australia’s solar power industry needed to make a significant statement. In an industry where competitor longevity rates were measured in decades and with a steep uphill climb of traditional brands and relationships in the competitive space, Ausleder needed an innovative and confident brand from the outset.

Maximus was tasked to create the soul and character of Ausleder’s public persona; including logo, brand identity, and a hearty mix of print and digital promotional and corporate material for high-end publishing. Maximus took this challenge head-on to create a brand that was timeless, confident and trustworthy from the moment the public laid eyes upon it.

Strategy and Design

At every stage of a brand’s development process, it must go through rigorous end-case testing for a broad spectrum of possible implementation scenarios. Ausleder required instantly recognisable shades of colour for branded equipment including large solar panels, LED lighting, vehicles and uniforms.

There was an equal need for print and digital promotions which meant we needed to develop an approach to the brand that was equally strong and recognisable in the form of a 60-page booklet, as it was as a brand for a web-based service.

The end result of Ausleder’s complete brand formation with Maximus was a cohesive and steadfast profile which would, like their exceptional solar products, stand the test of time.