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Maintenance retainers.

Maximus’ development team offer many years of leading industry experience and insight in the field. And as Bruce Lee once said, long term consistency will always trump short term intensity. As software is an ever changing and adapting ecosystem of frameworks, libraries and dependencies, having a capable development team in place to maintain and administer updates will ensure longterm stability to your product or application.

Our maintenance retainers ensure that you have the best possible digital experience with our team. We offer affordable ongoing packages, hourly tracked upgrades and assistance to assure you are always getting a value-added service under the hood. If you have an open-ended project or if you prefer to evolve systems and integrations in stages, maintenance retainers are the best solution to support organic growth and your business cashflow.

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Full Stack Developers

Our developers have over 13 years experience, which makes resolving web or software issues as pain-free and as efficient as humanly possible.

Efficient Response

Our retainers guarantee response and resolution times at an efficient pace. Combine this with proactive monitoring and your site is well-cared for 24/7.

Cloud Backups

All clients benefit from our enterprise-level AWS cloud server infrastructure, including scheduled cloud backups and full restores within an hour.

Minimised Security Risk

Automatic security patching to ensure security risks are minimised, and our team ensures constant up-time monitoring with alert mechanisms.

How We've Helped Others

As a battle-tested development agency, we welcome business partnerships to better support your needs with maintenance retainer options suited to your budget.