How to Duplicate Page Templates in Shopify

Creating Additional Pages with Customiser Functionality

Shopify includes a huge amount of added features and benefits for its consumers, yet one of its current drawbacks is the relatively restrictive use of Customiser elements on every page. While Shopify does mention that it’s better to keep your Customise-enabled pages to less than 10, you’ll very often find that out of the box your website only caters to 1 or 2. This can be frustrating if you’re looking to add a more stimulating and visually appealing way to present data throughout your site!

First, you need to publish your theme template. The templates from which you can select are limited to the templates available in your currently published theme.

Step 1: Add a new template

First, go Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code > Templates > Add new template.

Pick which page template you want to re-use. Make this new template of the ‘page‘ variety, call it ‘aboutus-2‘ and ‘Create template

Important: You must start the name you enter here with the word “aboutus” in order for all features to work. For example, entering “aboutus-2” (which becomes “page.aboutus-2.liquid”) or “aboutus-my-page” (which becomes “page.aboutus-my-page.liquid”) will work, but “my-page” (which becomes “”) will not.

Step 2: Edit the template code

Remove all the code that is in the file you just created and replace it with this code:

{% comment %}
  The contents of the page.aboutus-2.liquid template can be found in /sections/page-aboutus-2-template.liquid
{% endcomment %}

{% section 'page-aboutus-2-template' %}

Hit Save.

Step 3: Add a new section

Next, under the Sections folder, click ‘Add a new section’

Call this new Section ‘page-aboutus-2-template‘ and click ‘Create section

Step 4: Modify the section code

Copy all the code from the page-aboutus-template.liquid into the new page-aboutus-2-template.liquid


Step 5: Change the template your page uses

Go to your Pages, select the page you want to have this different template applied to and then select page.aboutus-2 from the Template suffix option:

Then you’ll likely want to add this page to a menu in your navigation. After you’ve done that, you can configure the content blocks in the Theme Editor (customize). 

In the shop preview, click on the page that has been assigned the page.aboutus-2 template and you will see options to add content blocks unique to that page.

Need even more pages?

This process can be repeated if you need still more different page content for different pages by creating more templates and sections and following the naming conventions as the above instruction, such as:

  • Template: page.aboutus-3.liquid
  • Section: page-aboutus-3-template.liquid
  • …and so on

If you find that your store is generating error messages or the theme editor does not load properly, you may have created too many page or product templates and will need to remove one or more to restore full functionality.

Not enough customisability for your store? We welcome email enquiries with what you need from your Shopify store and can provide a custom coded solution that best fits your needs ✌️


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