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Custom plugins.

Private and public plugins have become a staple within a range of online tools that businesses use day to day. They extend the capability of a platform and in some instances make the interaction more tailored and centralised around a specific organisation. By utilising plugin development and integration API we can help you manage business sales, product inventory and bespoke integrations with pre-existing services or business infrastructure requirements. If you handle receipts a certain way, or require specific notifications and automation, custom plugins (or developed ‘add ons’) are the solution.

We’re able to conceptualise, consult and implement these unique connecting processes to supplement your online portal whether it’s WordPress, Shopify, Stripe, Xero or any other framework that has an accessible API.

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Internal / Intranet

Often-times you or your staff may require some additional capability provided, CSV based adjustments, reporting, email & SMS notifications, you name it. You may have an existing intranet, whether it's PHP, Ruby on Rails, Laravel etc - we can assist in the required adjustments you need.

Wordpress / Woo

We have built shipping calculators and custom communication plugins for the WordPress and WooCommerce platform for over a decade. We particularly enjoy consuming Restful APIs into WordPress plugins.


Qualified partners of the Shopify platform, we are capable of utilising Polaris, React and the bespoke Liquid syntax to extend your ecommerce platform. Contact us to find out how we have helped businesses personalise their Shopify administration.

Custom / Bespoke

Speak to us about the current situation you may have. We fear no code. We have experience with supplementing existing systems and rectifying the unavoidable degradation and deprecation of outdated code. In the case of troublesome code, we're eager to assist.

How We've Helped Others

Maximus has implemented a huge range of bespoke plugins for some great leading Australian brands. Our experts can provide the right plugin solution for brand new or pre-existing websites / systems and also provide guidance on best methods.