Creating a Routing App Coverage File

So you’re an app developer and you’ve just made an app that provides your users with some point to point driving instructions, you submit the app to the store and you hit a stumbling block. No routing app coverage file provided.

You must upload a routing app coverage file in App Store Connect if you register as a routing app.

Basically, Apple needs to know how to zone your app, how to restrict its lookup to a certain area of influence.

A great resource for all things map JSON related is so the first step is to go here. Once you are here, you can play around with it and figure out all of its uses, but essentially you just need a plot of points to pass over to Apple, so if we’re going to keep it simple, then just hit the little square, select your area on planet Earth and you should have a bit of JSON loaded in on the right hand side.

Select only the geometry object, see in the example below which parts to select. Save that into a new file with the extension of .geojson. That’s it!

Selecting Western Australia with a MultiPolygon

Upload your resulting geojson file into the Routing App Coverage File spot under General App Information. Resubmit your app and you should be off to the races.


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